A good real estate agent is a key part of a successful home buying or selling

transaction. They’re experts in the process, local and state real estate laws, and

common practices. They’ll answer all your questions and explain the jargon you

might encounter along the way. They’ll be there to guide you through the steps and

make sure everything is done correctly, according to Realtor Magazine. They’ll also

help you find the right loan and mortgage broker for your needs.

A great real estate agent will understand your wants, needs, and long-term goals as

a buyer or seller. They’ll take the time to really get to know you, ask questions about

your family and lifestyle, and then use that knowledge to help you navigate the

market and home selection process. For example, a new parent will need lots of

storage and proximity to schools, while someone who wants to garden may want a


They’ll take the time to understand your budget and search the entire market for a

home that meets your needs and fits within your budget. They’ll also be able to

identify a home’s potential issues and negotiate repairs or concessions with the

seller, if necessary. And if you’re a seller, they’ll help you determine the best listing

price for your property by conducting a thorough comparative market analysis and

using their years of experience to make informed suggestions.

An exceptional real estate agent will have an extensive network of associated

professionals who can assist with financing, insurance, inspections, tradesmen,

zoning and more. This is especially beneficial for buyers who may need to hire a

plumber or electrician prior to closing. They’ll be able to refer you to their trusted

contacts and negotiate a discount on their behalf. Also read https://www.prestigehomebuyers.co/

A good agent will be empathetic to your feelings during this stressful process. They’ll

treat you with respect and kindness, encouraging you when you’re frustrated and

educating you about the steps to come. And if they see that someone else isn’t

treating you fairly, they’ll speak up on your behalf, too.

Finally, a good agent will be committed to the highest standards of ethical practice.

They’ll abide by the Code of Ethics of their real estate association, which includes a

duty to protect you and your family. They’ll never pressure you to buy a home or

accept an offer, and they’ll always act in your best interest. They’ll also be

transparent about their fees and keep you updated throughout the process. They’ll

be available to you by phone or email during business hours and respond quickly to

your texts and emails. It only takes one miscommunication or delay to derail a deal,

so you need an agent who’s on top of their game.