There are 2 speeds forward and 1 reverse speed with forward/reverse switch located on the dash panel. It comes with the stock motor, but I have upgraded to an OS Maxx crate motor .

Leaving the Battery on the Vehicle

If you’re assembling a nitro-powered RC truck, regular pliers are better than channel-lock pliers. Investing in some quality tools will be worth the financial effort. Low-quality ones tend to break easily, so you’ll end up having to replace them anyway. Then surely you know that one of the best parts of this hobby is that you can actually assemble your own RC vehicle. Not to mention it’s very rewarding to see the car that you put together with your own two hands speeding down a race track.

Top 10 Most Popular RC Car & Truck Kits

If you are here, you are probably looking for the best ways to waterproof an RC truck. Ugh, just talking about this subject gets me jacked up to run in one.

Not Cleaning the RC Truck

If that is the case, there should be a label on the ESC stating that. If not, you are probably dealing with an ESC that is not waterproof. Now let’s take a more detailed look at how to waterproof all parts of an RC truck, what are the best methods to do it. However, as it stands after a while, WD-40 will dry and evaporate, meaning you will need to either apply more WD-40 or find a better way of waterproofing your electronics. Part of the reason why wax is good on toy-grade RC trucks is that on higher-powered models , wax can melt. Make sure to use an unscented wax candle because the scented ones have oils that can damage the circuit board.

One of the most common mistakes when storing an RC vehicle is not drying it thoroughly after it has been used. Second, you want to store your RC truck somewhere where the humidity is fairly low, and the temperatures are relatively consistent. Short-term storage can also be achieved through the use of standard shelving. Keep in mind that if the RC trucks are staying on the shelves, they could roll off, fall, and break. The shaft motor should be rotated at least once a month in order to prevent damage to the bearings. When stored correctly and not used frequently, it may last between one to four years. A fuel that is frequently being opened or left open will usually last a lot less—about no more than a year.

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First, it’s important that you carefully go through the instructions. You’ll save a lot of time and hassle if you know what to expect during the process of building your RC truck. Building your own RC truck gives you the possibility to customize your vehicle. You can lose some extra weight by leaving out the unnecessary parts and add only the components you think are important.

A fuel that has gone bad will usually not have the same power output—the engine will be hard to start, and it may not run well. Old nitro fuel that has not been stored properly should not be used. In any case, nitro fuel is not that expensive, and it is better to go with a new batch than experiment with old fuel. Making sure there is no fuel in your RC truck before winterizing it or leaving it sitting for long periods of time is mandatory. The fuel will go bad, and you want to prevent that from happening. RC trucks should be stored if you are not planning on using them for a month or more. While using your RC truck, mud, dirt, and moisture can start accumulating in all the little cracks and parts of the RC truck, which could introduce rust over time.

This makes it one of the best 18 scale rc semi trucks for sale in the market today. These top ten vehicles have secured their spots as the most viewed radio control build kits of the year, capturing the attention of RC enthusiasts and builders alike. With cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and versatile designs, they offer an exciting range of choices for RC hobbyists. Whether you’re into rock crawling, off-road racing, short-course trucks, or desert racing, this list reflects the diversity and innovation in the world of RC kits. For intermediate and experienced RC drivers who already have a transmitter, Bind-N-Drive RC trucks have all their electronics and are ready to pair with your Spektrum® transmitter. The Rampage MT V3 is currently one of the largest vehicles Redcat has to offer, but it doesn’t rely solely on its impressive size and scary power to turn heads. With an inner roll cage, detailed monster truck body, and massive monster truck tires mounted to functional bead-lock rims, the Rampage MT V3 is as impressive to look at as it is to drive.

The idea is to make a whoop section from hell where a rig is constantly fighting to climb over slick logs while plowing through a watery mud mix. Keeping wheel speed up is necessary to finish the course for time, but going too fast can very easily bounce a truck on it’s side, rendering a dreaded DNF.