It’s enough to share a few simple tutorials or even behind-the-scenes snapshots. As long as you think people can benefit from what you have to say, then it’s worth sharing. That’s why photographers love histograms so much, and why learning how to use a histogram is essential. If you can read a histogram, you can quickly and accurately check the exposure of your image while out in the field or when editing at home.

Digital Conversion and Processing

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‘I just love how sisterly they are. I love the mischief’: William Lepper’s best phone picture

If your Android phone or tablet has a telephoto lens, your best bet is to use that one instead of the wide-angle lens to focus on the Moon. Use your camera’s built-in camera app to adjust the shutter speed until the Moon looks properly exposed. Make sure to reduce ISO to the lowest level and if your device has aperture control, make sure to open up the lens aperture as wide as possible. If the Moon is full or near full, you might not even be able to capture most of the stars, especially if there is dust, moisture, or other particles in the atmosphere. While a good, sturdy tripod is often best for stabilizing your gear, there are times when a monopod is more convenient and/or can be a big help in supporting larger camera/lens combinations. The main differences between the three methods that we will discuss here is where you place the foot of the monopod.

If you’re initially going to be your only employee, you can start out a sole proprietorship or LLC. This is ideal if you want to start as a side hustle and see if you can grow from there. The act suggests that you want to remember each other, just because. An excellent reminder on those particularly cranky days. Whether you captured a great portrait, snagged a shot of a special moment, or took a few photos to help a friend’s new business, photography can spread a lot of joy.

This creates a pretty cool effect with more shadows on the right side. Just remember to expose for the left, not the right, side of the face or the photo will be underexposed. Because the center of the light source is reaching the left side of the face, there are less angles along which it’s possible for your light source to reach the right side of the face. Make sure you choose a time of day where the sun is acting the way you want it to.

Leica M11 sample photos: 60 megapixels sure looks good

In such situations, you might need to find a different composition to make it work, as I have done with the image above. Consider Moon Phases – You will need to decide which phase of the Moon you want to capture.