The salaries of corporate lawyers vary greatly depending on where they work, what their experience level is, and whether or not they have a firm that can provide them with some sort of incentive. In general, those who have more experience tend to earn higher salaries than those who have less.

What does a corporate lawyer do?

A corporate lawyer works in a business and assists the corporation in dealing with legal issues. They advise on a wide variety of topics, from creating new companies to drafting contracts and acquiring ownership interests in other corporations. In addition, they handle regulatory and compliance matters that affect the companys operations.

How to Become a Corporate Lawyer

To start off your career as a corporate lawyer, you need to have a bachelors degree in law, accounting, or another field of study that involves business. Youll also need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and obtain high grades.

You can expect to spend at least three years in law school, where youll gain a Juris Doctor degree. In addition, youll need to pass the bar exam in your state to practice law.

How much can a corporate lawyer make?

The starting salary for a new law associate at a large firm is about $160,000. That amount has remained stable over the past few years, but it’s not as high as it was in 2009 when nearly two-thirds of big firms paid their first-year law associates that sum. Recommended this site


What does a corporate lawyer make in New York?

A corporate lawyer in New York typically makes anywhere from low hundreds of thousands to low millions of dollars, with more money for more senior associates and partners at large law firms. At smaller firms, pay is significantly less but not exponentially so.

What is a corporate lawyers day-to-day work like?

A good way to get a sense of what corporate lawyers do is by watching TV shows and movies that feature them. You can expect to see them arguing in court, conducting due diligence on mergers and acquisitions, and closing deals for huge corporations.

What is a corporate lawyers lifestyle like?

A typical corporate lawyer lives and works in a city like New York, where the demand for this type of professional is increasing with the growth of the economy. Hence, youll find that the corporate lawyer salary in NYC is very high compared to other places.

How can you increase your corporate lawyer salary?

To raise your pay as a corporate lawyer, you may consider changing jobs or upgrading your skills. Getting an advanced degree, for example, can increase your earning potential as well as your chances of being promoted.

What are the top industries for a corporate lawyer?

Some of the best-paying industries for corporate lawyers include computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, aerospace product and parts manufacturing, and engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing. Other industries that offer a healthy corporate lawyer salary are financial services, pharmaceuticals, and health care.